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"You Made My Day" by Huguenot & Wayne Numan

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"You Made My Day"

Huguenot, Wayne Numan

Lybra Records

Lyrics and Vocals: Huguenot
Music and Production: Wayne Numan

Lybra Records

Escape to dreamy beaches, sail sky blue seas and bask in endless sunshine with the perfect soundscape to your tropical romantic getaway.

Rising pop star Huguenot (Los Angeles) joins creative forces with writer/producer Wayne Numan (Virginia) in this lush and dreamy collage of soaring tenor vocals and sweet melodic pianos reminiscent of early hits by Coldplay and U2. Huguenot is already creating quite a splash with his wildly popular singles, 'It's Easy,' 'Run' and 'Gender Bender.' Paul Browne of The Electricity Club (UK) describes Huguenot's music as 'uplifting, embracing themes of relationships and identity with a nod to the spiritual. His compositions strike a balance between dance and pop, but with a breezy sensibility.'

Wayne Numan is a North American record producer and Billboard charting remixer. He's produced remixes for labels and artists throughout the world including Anggun (Universal Music), Viola Wills (Unidisc), Mary Wilson (The Supremes), Lady Bunny, Phillip Ramirez and many others. His original music has been featured in film and video games and on dozens of Dance Music compilations. Numan is also an environmentalist and advocate of Human Rights.

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