Welcome to Numan Productions! ♫ I'm Wayne Numan, an American Songwriter, Producer and Remixer. I write and produce original music that you can license for use in your films, documentaries and video games. I also produce and remix songs for major and independent artists.

From uptempo pop and electronic music to atmospheric ambient space music, my music covers a wide range of styles suitable for music supervisors, filmmakers and those in the recording industry.

Here at Numan Productions you can browse my vast library of original music which you can license for use in your own project. My rates are very reasonable and I can customize any track to accommodate your project and budget. For more information, simply contact me through the link above. Thanks for visiting and I look forward to hearing from you! ♫    

Logo by Christopher Tocco. Photo by Dementi Foster. 
For Licensing and Remix Inquiries, EMAIL